Planning to grow premium hemp flower buds?

Planning to grow premium hemp flower buds?

Bakers Ranch Team

So, the Bakers Ranch Team sat down to discuss the plan for 2019 in November of 2018. Planning is everything, double the material/supplies you think you’ll need and cut the revenue you think you’ll generate in half. I’m half kidding and Hemp farming can be very lucrative BUT, don’t fall into the get rich quick mentality. This is a tremendous amount of work that will require a lot of labor to do it correctly.

After the meeting, we decided to build an indoor grow facility for the purpose of growing high quality premium indoor hemp flower. (If you’re thinking of doing this, be prepared to spend a lot of money. We'll detail the indoor build in a later post.). We felt the market was lacking in this area and our experience would help us build our brand around premium indoor hemp flower. We used feminized hemp seed we had been working to stabilize over the last few years. We are very pleased with the indoor crop thus far as are our customers! 

Next, we formed a solid plan to plant 20 acres of our 40 acre pasture during the short grow season in Bend, OR which takes place between 6/15 and 9/15 give or take. We are now prepping the field for planting outdoor hemp in June!

Check in frequently and stay tuned as we charge forward with our plan!


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